Stuff you can do

Well there’s a lot of stuff you can do….

You can do all the stuff you could do in Club Penguin but, being a member! Big Grin ohh yeahh!

so, here’s the list of stuff You can do on :

1: You can pay games!

2: You can go shopping (as a member) !

3: You can make friends!

4: you can participate in parties!

——– Well these are the basic things you can do on ClubPenguin————-

but  VIPenguin has more……

5: you can adopt any puffle you like

6: you can add any items, furniture, igloo, backgrounds stamps etc by special commands.

7: you can add as much money you want (I have like 79 million )

8: you can join old rooms from old parties!

 9: Free membership!

10: you can customize your player card!

11: you can teleport and clone others!

12: FUN! FUN! FUN!

so i’m gonna blog about all of this later in detail……….

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—Nawal ♥