Free Item ID’s

So VIPenguin gives us free membership, but it also supports commands.

commands can be used to get items all you have to do is get their ID’s.

all you have to do is click the blue penguin at the top and then you enter the commands page.Screenshot (4)

using ID’s we can get Items, furniture, igloos, flooring, backgrounds, stamps and the best thing COINS!!

we can even teleport to some of the old party rooms using ID’s.

take a look at my player card!

Screenshot (4).png



cool, isn’t it ?

for money you don’t need ID you just need to type in the amount of how much money you want but for other stuff you need ID’s

♥) you can get all the ID’s from here⇒ VIPenguin ID’s.

♥) play VIPenguin here⇒VIPenguin.

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