Welcome to my site!

Hey guys I’m Nawal.

I love playing club penguin, but I never had a Membership.

So kept searching for hacks, free membership and all…

when I used to go on sites they used to say “FREE MEMBERSHIP CLICK HERE” so like a fool I used to click the link then go on some other site. they were all spams!

and some used to say free download but you know surveys!  and some when I download do nothing but bring along Viruses to my laptop. same story for you?

are you tired of searching for free membership and hacks that actually dont work!

then I got the most perfect website for you guys!

It’s called VIPenguin.com

here you can get free membership without any surveys or hacks forever!!!!!!!!

just login and play! (It’s is tested by me and it’s totally virus, hack and survey free!)

Its in many languages like English, french, portuguese…

my username is Nawal and I play in the English server…

so I hope you guys follow my blog while I show you guys every thing about VIPenguin.com

happy free membership…



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